زيت وايلد قروث تكثيف وتطويل ومعالجة الشعر 118مل Wild Growth Hair Oil 118 ml

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المنتج الأمريكي الرائع وهو عبارة عن مجموعة زيوت عضوية طبيعية 100% يعمل على معالجة و حل جميع مشاكل الشعر من تقصف او تساقط ويقوي البصيلات مما يزيد من سرعة نمو الشعر. أثبت فاعلية في انبات الشعر بالاماكن الخاليه منه كما ويعمل على تخفيف التجاعيد وزيادة نعومة الشعر .

المكونات : زيت الزيتون، زيت جوز الهند، وزيت الجوجوبا، والأحماض الأوليك، ثلاثي الأولين، استرات بالفول السوداني، فيتامين A، فيتامين E برو، فيتامين D الطبيعي

طريقة الاستعمال : يستعمل من 2-3 مرات اسبوعيا

. 1. توضع نقاط من 15-20 نقطة على فروة الرأس.

2. قومي بتدليك فروة الرأس وبنفس الوقت قومي بتوزيع كمية الزيت على كامل الرأس.

3. يترك الزيت على الرأس ليله كامله او 6 ساعات ثم يغسل الشعر جيدا. الكمية تكفي لمدة طويله من تصل حتى 3 شهور حجم العبوة 118 مل


Product Summary:   Wild Growth® Hair Oil is ideal for both hair growth protection and repair.


Wild Growth® Hair Oil’s  growth protection nutrition formula is good for African and non African (ex. Asian, Caucasian, Indian,  Middle Eastern, Spanish, Native American etc.)  and has natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties.   Wild Growth® Hair Oil has an uncompromisingly rich soft texturizing formula which keeps the hair in soft manageable condition with a good degree of moisture for breakage protection. This natural softening is also good for the scalp for improving energy flow and by providing the necessary pliability at the roots so that growth rather than breakage is facilitated by more movement.


 Wild Growth® Hair Oil is a natural hair growth protector, strengthener, and texturizer and moisturizer. Only plant based biologically friendly ingredients (mostly food grade) are used.   Wild Growth® Hair Oil which detangles and gives a rich texture to hair is a post-wash (applied sparingly on slightly damp, not wet hair) and in between washings (applied sparingly on slightly damp or dry hair) only product. In addition to growth protection, Wild Growth® Hair Oil imparts fullness, bounce,  body, life, silkiness, hair that is mane-like (flowing with movement and contouring or cascading  when still), and a healthy look and feel.


Detailed Description:




  1. Protects the growth of fuller and longer hair never before achieved (When used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in,   first time lengths [to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length], and first time thickness.).


  1. Provides instant powerful and lasting soft texture conditioning  without the use of any chemicals (harsh or mild).


  1. Allows pain free combing of hair.


  1. Instantly removes tangles.


  1. Used for accelerated combing, brushing, blow-drying, flat Ironing,  pressing, braiding and styling times with lower than usual heat settings.


  1. Imparts superior hair shine and glow.


  1. Bestows clean and fresh hair styles lasting weeks longer.



  1. Saves money: a little goes a long way; multi-purpose Wild Growth®  Hair Oil is the only product needed for many; It is an easy to use do-it-yourselfer reducing professional hair care expenses; extends the life of perms and all types of hair styles hair styles. Even when used regularly, one bottle of Wild Growth® Hair Oil will last at least one month, and often much longer for coarse and dry (African type) hair an 3-9 months for finer (ex. Caucasian type) hair.


  1. Reduces frizzy, puffy and fly-away hair.


  1. Infinitely variable hair bending and straightening properties: Wild Growth® Hair Oil alone will achieve different desired results:
  1. When  Wild Growth® Hair Oil is applied on dry hair (ex. between washings)  curls and waves will be mostly preserved.
  2. When  Wild Growth® Hair Oil is applied on slightly damp towel-dry hair and comb or brush a few times till it becomes completely dry, then curly may turn to wavy and wavy may turn to straight. Coarser hair will not be affected.
  3. When hair is blow dried (more so when pressed or flat-ironed) hair will become straight.
  4. When  curls that hold are desired, then oil hair, set it in curlers, then sit under the drier.
  5. When hair becomes oily, then use less (Wild growth need not be oily to work). For fine/soft hair, start with a little (5-15 drops) first, to know how much your hair needs.


Usage Tips/ Package Directions:

First Month Use Instructions: The formula is concentrated so start slow and closely observe results. Week 1: Shake well. Gently apply only once sparingly on entire hair and scalp. Week 2: Apply twice per week (once every  three days). Week 3: Apply three times per week (once every two days). For Week 4 and beyond, adjust quantity and frequency to keep a continuous light coating of moisture on hair and scalp (three times per week will work in most cases).

زيت وايلد قروث تكثيف وتطويل ومعالجة الشعر 118مل Wild Growth Hair Oil 118 ml
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